David Menoudakis ~ EPK


David Menoudakis (born June 10, 1999) is the drummer for the Canadian rock band Motion Device. He began taking drum lessons at the age of 5 and he’s been playing ever since. After studying an assortment of styles and techniques with a variety of accomplished instructors in the Toronto area he decided to form a band along with his two sisters and cousin in 2010. The band started uploading rock and metal covers to Youtube and slowly but surely David began to develop his own style learning from the greats of yesterday and today. Some of his main influences are Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Chris Coleman and Matt Garstka. Besides rock and metal David is also very fond of other genres like funk, jazz, blues and pop. A few years later Motion Device began to outgrow the covers so they set out to record their own material. The band has released 3 studio albums: ‘Welcome to the Rock Revolution’ (2014), ‘Eternalize’ (2015) and most recently ‘Wide Awake’ in 2017. All of their albums were completely funded by fans with over $100K in donations. The total social media fan numbers (Youtube, Facebook & Twitter) have surpassed 85,000 and the band’s Youtube channel is quickly approaching 15 million views.

You can listen to David on Motion Device’s ‘WIDE AWAKE’ album below. Some drum performances to make note of are numbers 8) ‘The Other Side’, 10) ‘Divided’, 11) ‘Meltdown’, 16) ‘Warrior’ and 20) The Infinite Wave:

Watch David in action on Youtube below:

Read an article about David and Motion Device on The Huffington Post from February 2017 by Ronnie Landler.

Motion Device is (left to right): Josh Marrocco (guitars), Andrea Menoudakis (bass & keys), David Menoudakis (drums) and Sara Menoudakis (vocals)