Motion Device IV Kickstarter campaign has launched!!

Our newest crowd-funding campaign ‘Motion Device IV: A Self-Produced Album‘ was launched last Friday on Kickstarter.

This project is about two main goals the first one being the release of the band’s fourth studio album: MDIV. The album will be self-titled so we thought the ‘IV’ would be a good way to differentiate it from our previous releases. Many of you might end up referring to it as ‘The Red Album’ as well (once we reveal the album cover artwork). Regardless, the band is very excited about the new material and we all feel the new songs will reveal how far the songwriting and musicianship has come over the last couple of years. We’re always looking to move in new and different directions with our music and we think our fans will be pleasantly surprised with the results – MDIV will truly represent the band’s sound coming into its own.

This project’s second main goal is something that we’ve been thinking about for a long time – building our own recording studio. There’s no doubt that it will be a huge advantage for the band to have a real recording studio at our disposal. It’s the only part that’s keeping us from having unlimited freedom to experiment with our music and not be constrained by deadlines and budget. Simply put, the music we put out will be completely to our satisfaction and that’s the way it should be.

Take a moment to check out our Kickstarter campaign page. There’s tons of unique rewards available including exclusive MD merchandise and gear – JOIN US!!