Motion Device says goodbye to Alex

Official statement from Motion Device:

First and foremost we wish our long-time guitarist Alex DeFrancesco the best of luck – he will be missed. Alex’s decision to leave the band was a very tough one, we are sure of that. Musicians almost always come to a crossroad when it comes to balancing music with another career. That time came for Alex and he made his decision.

Motion Device will not be replacing Alex. As far as Andrea, David, Sara and management are concerned there is only one man that fits the bill when it comes to playing guitar for the band and that man is Josh. He has taken the bull by the horns so to speak, writing tons of new material along with his band mates, and can’t wait to unleash the band’s new music onto the masses.

In the words of Queen’s late, great, Freddie Mercury… ‘the show must go on’… and what a show it will be.

Motion Device


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